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The Nashville Youth Hockey League (NYHL) strives to provide an opportunity for every child who wants to play hockey.   The NYHL Scholarship Fund is used to provide financial assistance to participants that demonstrate a financial need under the provisions of this program.   
NYHL Scholarship Fund  
a.         As part of its annual budget, the NYHL will determine a dollar amount to be set aside as a scholarship fund. These funds will be used to help offset player’s fees that, because of financial reasons request assistance. Funding for the scholarship program comes from donations specifically given for hockey scholarships, along with any additional budget dollars designated for scholarships at the discretion of the NYHL board. The total amount of scholarships awarded cannot exceed the amount budgeted for scholarships. 
b.         Scholarships are granted on a per season basis. Applicants must reapply each season.     
c.         One full scholarship will be granted on an annual basis, the Danny and Sandy Corns “For the Love of the Game” Scholarship.  As funding allows, additional scholarship amounts will be granted to credit a percent of the NYHL registration fees.  Scholarships are awarded in the form of reduced NYHL registration fees and are not redeemable for cash.  The Danny and Sandy Corns “For the Love of the Game” Scholarship will be granted for the amount to cover a house registration fee.
Criteria for Scholarship
a.         All players that meet the eligibility requirements to play in the NYHL are eligible to apply for financial assistance. 
b.         The applicant must be in good standing with NYHL and exhibit a general financial need. Preference will be given to those applicants whose families qualify for public assistance programs such as school lunch subsidies, medical assistance and unemployment insurance. Additional consideration will be given to applicants experiencing long-term hardship circumstances.
c.         Families receiving scholarships are encouraged to volunteer with the NYHL.
Application Process
a.         Applicants must submit a confidential scholarship application to the attention of the NYHL Board President. Applications must be submitted by August 31, 2014.
b.         The Scholarship Committee, which consists of the NYHL President, VP, Treasurer, the Fund Raising Chairman, and a representative of the Danny and Sandy Corns “For the Love of the Game” Scholarship.
c.         The Scholarship committee reserves the right to request additional information at the time the scholarship is being considered.
d.         Applicants’ names and all information provided will be kept strictly confidential, unless otherwise requested by the applicant. Only the scholarship committee will review the applications.
e.         The scholarship committee will present scholarships to the Board during the August meeting for confirmation.
f.          All decisions of the scholarship committee are final; there is no appeal process.

Danny and Sandy Corns - For the Love of the Game Scholarship Form

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