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Welcome to the greatest game on ice - HOCKEY!  The Nashville Youth Hockey League, established in 1964, has been teaching and working with kids in the greater Nashville Community through our strong network of volunteer staff, coaches and team managers. 

By joining the hockey community, your child will meet new friends, build skills, learn, grow and become part of the growning community of ice hockey players, nearly 1 million strong in the USA today.  Life long friendships, revolving around sports and having fun, will help your child not only become a great player, but also great doctor, lawyer, business executive or other valued member of our great society.  All this, while learning to enjoy a healthly lifestyle, get exercise and learn the all important inter-social skills while advancing in years.

Ask any professonal or recreational hockey player why they play.  Ask the same question to any player with the NYHL.  Why do they play?  Hockey is fun.  It's not easy, in fact it is hard.  But if you have the work ethic and are willing to give it a go - it is a sport that can be played from age 3 to 123.

The Nashville Youth Hockey League endorses, advocates and used the USA Hockey American Development Model program ( as part of the premier path to building the long term athelete and future life long hockey player.  USA Hockey uses the ADM program to develop players at all skill levels, from "learn to play" through the 2013 World Junior (Under 20) Champions.  The program, which was developed in conjunction with the National Hockey League, drives more focus on skill development, confidence building and repetive learning - than simply skating up and down the ice.  In fact, go see a pro hockey team's practice - you will see they are using versions of the ADM.  Many organizations have been using the ADM (or a variation thereof) for over 30 years.  By mastering the skills for skating, puck handling, shooting, stick handling and small area games, our players have more skills and gain more confidence to be successful when they hit the ice.  Confidence breeds success and that is one of the goals of the NYHL, "Build The Players."

On the buttons to your left, you will find many valuable resources.  From equipment requirements, rentals and cleaning - to product recalls to general advice on how to survive being a hockey mom or dad, this section will grow with information for parents on how to be sucessful parent and participant at the greatest sport on ice.

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