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  1. USA Hockey Registration  (Click On the Hot Link To Go to USA Hockey Registration)
  2. Free for ages 6 & under; $35 for ages 7 and older
  3. Players must be registered with USA Hockey each calendar year to participate in an NYHL program.
  4. Once registered with USA Hockey, participants will receive a barcode numbered receipt which is your USA Hockey number for that season (or calendar year Apr 1 - Mar 31)
  5. Players and coaches are required to have this registration which will cover you (and all personnel) for any program organized by NYHL from Sep through Aug of that year.
  6. Use this number to register with the NYHL (step 2).
  1. Comming Soon  (Click On The Hot Link To Go To NYHL Registration Page)
  2. Players must register or ‘sign-up’ for each NYHL program, season or league including fall/winter league, summer skills and travel team try-out camps, so that the NYHL can plan accordingly for each season or event.
  3. Registration is online – please contact the NYHL office if web access is unavailable – and members are notified via web posting and/or e-mail regarding season or event information.
Problems?  Please contact us!

NYHL Hockey Office - Attn: John Higgins, NYHL President
  1. E-Mail:

To learn more about playing up and playing down an age level and to learn more about our registration guidelines, please click on the second button to the left.


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