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Season Goals

NYHL House League 2013-2014 Season Goals
         ·         Fun, Fair, and competitive play
o   Make it Fun
o   Improved evaluation process
o   Standardized draft process
o   Coach Support throughout season
·         Overall skill development
o   Explore and establish continuous outlets for skaters to develop basic skills
o   Checking slap shot clinic early in season for all Pee Wees
o   Strengthen the House League All-Star program
o   Establish an informational library (Secure Web Site, DVD, Books, Manuals, etc)
o   Coaches Continual Education Opportunities
·         Build a sense of pride and excitement within league itself
o   Opening day weekend festivities
o   News submissions to local press outlets
o   Weekly updates to team/house league websites
o   Recognize outstanding volunteers
·         Improve lines of communication
o   Regular coaches meetings
o   Regular Team Manager Meetings
o   Town Hall meeting for House League Membership
o   Email blasts – Routine flow of information
o   Improved use of newsletter
o   Feedback process for membership (coaches and referees)
·         Increase Membership Participation
o   Establish subcommittees to support current initiatives and investigate future initiatives
o   Encourage members to be part of the solution

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